Bed Time Bliss.

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 My bedroom is my comfort zone, dressing room and best friend all in one.

It is so important to make your bedroom feel as comfortable and safe as you can. The average human will spend one third of their lives asleep, and this isn’t including all those little naps! 


I decided my little room needed a revamp so I decided to make the trek to Ikea! Armed with not much money and no real idea of what I actually wanted/needed!

My bed frame was only £90 which is amazing for the quality of it! Its a light, cute aluminium design and was extremely easy to build! As a petite 5’2 woman, I was worried I would struggle to build this. I can’t say it was easy but it’s up and still standing! 

I looked forever for inspiration for a feature above my bed but found nothing that I felt I could cope with doing alone! I ended up creating this simple, blissful curtain detail! It creates the perfect ambient lighting especially when partnered up with a few candles.

The LED lights were £6, make sure if you do a similar design that the lights are LED so they don’t heat up and leave you with a pile of ashes instead of a bedroom!

The curtain pole was under £10 and the thin voile curtain was £4. I am so in love with this feature. It’s so simple but elegant! 

Finally I brought a little light pink blanket to run along the bottom of my bed. This was a steal for £4. It is so light and perfect for the spring/summer evenings spent lay on my bed! 

Read me a story,
tuck me in tight,
say a sweet prayer
and kiss me goodnight.


If you have any ideas for easy bedroom ideas/hacks. Please let me know in the comments! Especially storage tricks! 

Chloe Constance. X

Bed Time Bliss.