Why you Should NOT Wish Away the Week.


My Facebook is always full of posts about the weekend (Not the singer, although he does feature heavily on my newsfeed!) No i mean posts along the lines of “Friday can’t come quick enough”, “Can’t wait for the weekend” & “Is it Friday yet?”

Sooooo, if you live for at least another 50 years, you have 18250 days left. 

18250 days  – 5200 weekends days =  13050 week days.

This is the number of days you would be wishing away if all you ever appreciate is the weekend. Life is tough and although the weekend is a blessing to most of us in a 9-5 job, we have to stop and realise each day is a blessing.

This morning on my way to work I drove past a horrific car accident. Being as inquisitive and curious I am, I couldn’t help but look. I then saw the air ambulance and I felt my heart drop. Instantly my imagination went into overdrive. I was thinking about the person being airlifted to hospital. What thoughts would be going through his head right now? He might have woken up this morning, annoyed that it’s still only Wednesday, maybe irritated that he didn’t have time to get a coffee before work. This human could now be wishing he had woken up, given his partner a love, looked out of the window at the clear blue sky, appreciated his health and that he has a job to help him provide for his family.

Don’t wish your days away. Take moments to breathe, appreciate everything and tell your favourite people how much you love them. Use your time to stop and think about everything you love in your life, right down to the smallest things. 

Use these days as opportunities to do things you have always wanted to, read new books, learn new hobbies, go exploring etc. 

I’m not saying don’t look forward to the weekend but look forward to everyday.

Friday will always be there waiting for you.

Chloe Constance. X

Why you Should NOT Wish Away the Week.